Server Room

Professional Server Room Set Up

Acumen System is professional in server room design. With our designer and certified building service engineer, over 10 years experience in building services, facilities management and builder’s work market, you are just satisfy with a cup of tea.

Server Room Setup Start from Zero

To keep the business run smoothly, a must to keep the system run smoothly; to keep system run smoothly, a must to have a on-going server room.
Our professional service offer solutions for the Server Room including Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), Server Racks, Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Power & Cooling System, Air Conditioning, Air Flow, Surge Protection, Environmental Management, to fulfill requirement of FM200.
Our solution to optimize the server room in high availability of the servers. To protect and keep online of the valuable data regardless of anything.



Come in here to let our professional team to build your system core, and your team to build business core.