Server Relocation / Colocation

Reduce IT cost to retain power in industry

With a huge budget of setup, maintain and management of the server room, Acumen’s client make the right choice to move the servers to Acumen’s Data Center and out sourced the whole IT department with low cost to retain competitive power in their industry.
Acumen’s professional relocation service is flexible and responsive. We know different client with different case background, our team will specify and study every case upon the relocation. Please be seated, we always at your back to support you.

Our professional team will support you with the below steps
    • Labeling and marking
    • Disconnect all cables
    • Unload equipment from racks
    • Detach all accessories, rack mount kits, shelves
    • Full packing wrapped with protection
    • Transfer to new office
    • Restruct all racks in new order
    • Reload equipment to racks
    • Reconnect all networkings, cables and patching
    • Power and commissioning test
    • User acceptance test


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