Computer Forensic

The Different between Forensic Expert and IT Professional

Nowadays, a large percentages of documents are produced electronically. Email communication will generate over billions pages of document a day. The size of hard drive is virtually unlimited and people will spend all of the time to work in front of computer. If you find the sensitive information has been leaked out from your company electronically. You will ask your I.T. Professional to check for you. However, without providing a proper guideline, procedure and forensic training, you cannot collect the right information from the suspect computer. And of course, you cannot be submitted to the Court without a certified computer forensic expert.
If you cannot collect the right information, means you cannot stop the activities because you never know where it is, when it is and what it is. Confidential data will through the way to pass to.
Our computer forensic experts are trained to assist you on this matter. They will apply different ways to recover the trace of activities on computers, networks to collect the evidence in a forensic sound manner; looking any active and in-active data. Typically we will look into entire computer instead of just the actual area.

Once forensic done, our team can also give advise in security enhancement to prevent any inflection, backdoor or hacker again.

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